• 1. Every Tuesday night from 4pm – 7pm Dr. Dan will be in house giving advice on how to attack those aches, pains, and mobility issues.
  • 2. If you are looking for a more in depth conversation, please visit their website at www.infinitecapacity.com to sign up for an evaluation.
  • 3. Dr. Dan is now running a 30 minute Mobility class 1x week. Each week is TBD on date and time, please email brayton@maniac-crossfit.com for the latest class schedule.
  • 4. Optional Mobility screening and Injury risk assessment when joining Maniac! Typically, a new member will join Maniac with four Intro sessions and the first month membership at $200. We are now offering a $300 package to include a 5th session with Dr. Dan. This extra session will be 60-90 minutes to test your mobility and any risk to injury you may have. This information is gathered and given to all of the coaches here at Maniac.
    Putting you a step ahead to stay safe while getting more fit!